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Edimax 3G-6200N Wireless 3G Broadband Router with Print Server

Edimax 3G-6200N Wireless 3G Broadband Router with Print Server
Edimax 3G-6200N Wireless 3G Broadband Router with Print Server
Shares 3G connection or xDSL/Cable connection with network users, Supports xDSL or cable broadband backup when 3G is not available, Provides USB 2.0 Port for UMTS/HSDPA/CDMA mobile Internet service, Includes 16-languages EZmax setup wizard for Internet connection, wireless security and firmware upgrade, Complies with IEEE 802.11b/g and compatible with IEEE802.11n wireless standards, Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2, DDNS, QoS, Anti-DoS Firewall, MAC/IP filter, URL blocking, Virtual Server and DMZ

Availability:  Phased Out

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Shares 3G/3.5G or xDSL Internet connection or Printer
The 3G-6200n is a multi-function wireless broadband router. When connecting either a 3G or 3.5G USB modem card to 3G-6200n, all network (wired / wireless) users can share 3G/3.5G Internet connection. The 3G-6200n can support 3G/3.5G speeds up to 7.2Mbps and comes with a built-in Ethernet WAN port for Cable modem or xDSL modem. When connected to a xDSL /Cable broadband, 3G-6200n will enable the xDSL /Cable broadband connection automatically when 3G/3.5G Internet connection is not available. 3G-6200n USB port can also function as a print server. When you connect with a USB printer, the device can be a print server allowing user to share printer through the network.

Edimax EZView * and Remote Management
Edimax EZView is a new enhanced management system in 3G-6200n which allows you to manage your router locally or remotely from the Internet. UPnP compatible devices are automatically detected and informationn about the device will be listed in the management interface of the router. You will be able to directly manage device information like IP address, bandwidth control, open ports and DMZ.

High Performance Hardware Design and Impressive Data Transmission Rate via IEEE802.11n
Edimax 3G-6200n is a high speed solution that complies with wireless IEEE 802.11b/g, and is compatible with IEEE 802.11n standard. When fine-tuned to operate using the wireless 802.11n technology, 3G-6200n wireless data transmission rate can reach up to 150Mbps a coverage 3 times better than a standard 802.11g/b router.This router is a high performance Internet sharing router with 3G function, which enables multiple users to download files at same time.

Easy setup with EZMax Multi-language wizard
A unique multi-language setup wizard is included in the installation CD. You can setup the router to the Internet within minutes by following the simple animated steps.

Hardware WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) and Wireless on/off Button
The WPS button lets you activate the wireless protection. One-Click WPS button helps you setup a secure wireless network in a snap. 3G-6200n features a control button on its back panel to enable the easy switching on and off of the Wi-Fi wireless connection. When you want to use only wired connection, you can simply pause the Wi-Fi option by pressing the button without making any extra setting .


An example of how the 3G-6200Wg can be setup:
Connect the 3G/3.5G USB modem card to 3G-6200n router USB port
Connect a computer to the LAN port and setup the Internet connection by running the multi-language setup wizard.
Share the Internet connection by connecting wired or wireless computers.
You can connect 3G-6200Wg router WAN port to your Ethernet(RJ45) cable/xDSL modem as a backup.

Edimax 3G-6200n, Wireless 3G Broadband Router
 with Print Server

Technical Specifications

  • One WAN + Four LAN 10/100Mbps UTP Ports
  • One USB 2.0 for 3G/3.5G USB Modem or Printer
  • LED Indicators: Power , WLAN , WAN , 3G, andLink/Activity
  • WPS/Reset button
  • Switch for wireless on/off
  • Supports Ezview Management
  • Supports Remote Management
  • System Status and Security Log (Web Interface)
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • 12 languages User Interface
  • DC 12V, 1A
  • Supports 3G/3.5G (UMTS/HSDPA)
  • Supports cable/ xDSL modem
  • Ethernet WAN protocol: PPPoE /Static IP/PPTP/Dynamic IP/L2TP/ Telstra Big Pond
  • 16-language EZMax Setup Wizard to setup Internet connection, SSID, wireless security and firmware upgrade
  • 4 MB NOR Flash
  • 32 MB SDRAM
SECURITY Output Power & Receive Sensitivity HUMIDITY & TEMPERATURE

  • NAT/NAPT IP Sharing
  • 64/128-bit WEP Encryption and WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK security
  • DHCP Server/Client
  • MAC/IP Filter and URL Blocking
  • SPI Anti-Dos Firewall
  • 11n: 161dBm
    11g: 161dBm
    11b: 181dBm
  • 11n (40MHz): -68dBm, 11n (20MHz): -71dBm,
    11g: -74dBm,
    11b: -87dBm
  • 10-90%(Non-condensing)
  • 0 o C ~45 o C
  • Supports Print Server
  • Port Triggering for Special Applications
  • DDNS ( DynDNS , TZO) , WMM and QoS
  • Virtual Server and DMZ
  • Static Routing and UPnP
  • VPN Pass Through (IPSec/PPTP)
  • 179 (W) x 133 (D) x 25 (H) mm
  • CE, FCC