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Philips SPK1700 Wired Keyboard

Philips SPK1700 Wired Keyboard
Philips SPK1700 Wired Keyboard
Experience long-lasting comfort with this special soft touch keyboard with durable printing on the keys. It also survives accidental spillage of drinks leaving you feeling at ease while working in the office or at home.

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Long-lasting comfort thanks to the soft touch comfort keys
The soft touch comfort keys are easy on your fingers, saving you effort and strain. The keys have been specially designed to respond to the lightest touch, so you don't need to hit the keys hard to type. Now you can enjoy greater comfort while you work for long periods.

Spill-proof keyboard survives accidental spillages
The keyboard is built to resist accidental spillages. Designed with drainage holes and separation between the electronics and the plastic, this keyboard guarantees a longer lifespan.

Sturdy and durable keyboard design for comfortable typing
When you're spending long hours in front of the computer, you need a keyboard that's comfortable yet durable. This keyboard is extremely sturdy with soft-touch keys that require little effort.

Technical Specifications

Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000 , Microsoft Windows ME , Microsoft Windows XP , Microsoft Windows Vista
PC Link PS/2 interface
Included Accessories IFU / User Manual
Product dimensions
Width 14.2 cm
Height 43.3 cm
Depth 3.2 cm
Weight 0.72 kg