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Raidmax Viper Gaming Chasis

Raidmax Viper Gaming Chasis
Raidmax Viper Gaming Chasis
Side window with 120mm blue LED fan, USB 3.0 front panel support, Water cooling support,Tool-free installation, Cable management, Bottom mounted PSU, Removable air filter

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The Vipers box is glossy black with a large picture of the case on the front and some key features listed on the back. The sides show the other colors available including white/red and red/black as well as some basic specs. Included with the case itself are the basic screws and standoffs you would expect as well as some small zip ties and sticky-backed cable holds for cable management which may prove to be very useful.The front of the Viper is made up of matte black plastic with orange plastic accents, with vents near the bottom for the front fan and a swinging door toward the top for access to 5.25″ and 3.5″ bays as well as the power and reset buttons. The black and orange to go really well together, giving the case a sharp, clean look.

With the door open we can see all of the available bays. There is an ample amount of space between the front of each bay and the door when it is closed, so a fan controller with knobs can be installed. The left side panel includes a fan mounted on the window which is usually found on more expensive cases. The window is made of a dark tinted acrylic that is riveted to the case. Around back we can see the bottom mounted power supply location as well as the neat blue fan and expansion slot covers. There are also holes cut for water cooling tubing should you choose to install it. The bottom of the case has a removable dust filter for the PSU which easily slides our for cleaning.

The inside of the Viper maintains the good looks, now moving from the black/orange scheme to black/blue. We can see the CPU cutout, PSU cable management hole, HDD cage, and rear fan. The HDD cages tool-less design is the fairly standard twist-to-lock style with full plastic clips. All edges have either been curled over or smoothed and gave me no problems with scrapes or cuts. On the left we see the cable management holes in the motherboard tray. These are in a great place and make it very easy to keep cables tucked away. In the middle we see the front fan, a 120mm with blue LEDs and on the right we see the case with the right side panel off. Installation of the motherboard was a breeze, as you would expect. There is ample space to work with cables and the cable management holes are placed in logical spots.

  • Side window with 120mm blue LED fan
  • USB 3.0 front panel support
  • Water cooling support
  • Tool-free installation
  • Cable management
  • Bottom mounted PSU
  • Removable air filter


External Drive Bays 4 x 5.25″, 1 x 3.5″
Internal Drive Bays 4 x 3.5″
Motherboard Support 10″ x 12″ ATX, Micro ATX
Expansion Slots 7 slots
I/O Ports 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 2 x Audio
Dimensions (LxWxH) 521mm x 185mm x 445mm
Fans 1 x Front 120mm Blue LED1 x Side 120mm Blue LED1 x Back 120mm