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Friday, 14 June 2024

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Accutone AU200 QD to USB Adapting Cable

Accutone AU200 QD to USB Adapting Cable
Accutone AU200 QD to USB Adapting Cable
The AU200 Adapting Cable is a cost-effective way to utilize the same telephone headset for VoIP application via the computer. Simple to use, without any complications or controls, simply connect any T-Series headset from Accutone via the QD connector, and instantly convert the headset into USB connection. AU200 is a driver-free plug-and-play adaptor that is compatible to Windows, Mac OSX and most Linux OS.
Price:  1,550  

AU200 QD to USB Adapting Cable

Although landline telephones are still the majority tool for communication, more and more companies are switching to or additionally using computers for voice communications. Skype is a prime example of business usage of VoIP software for instant message, voice communication and video conferencing. However, most users, even professionals and key executives, do not have many choices in choosing a proper USB headset for their business needs. PC headsets or even USB headsets are generally poor in quality and lacking in audio performance, especially noise-management. Accutone® sees this opportunity to launch the AU200 Adapting Cable to allow users to use their existing high-quality telephone headset for VoIP applications. We believe that although the connectivity has changed from landline to USB, the requirements by business users have not changed. An additional feature of this cable is that user can keep their headset for landline usage by simply switching the bottom cable.

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  • QD connects to any T-Series headset
  • USB end connects to PC, Mac or Linux
  • No additional drivers needed
  • Simple to use
  • Keep same headset for landline