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Thursday, 18 April 2024

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Acer H7550ST Exceptional Home Entertainment Projector

Acer H7550ST Exceptional Home Entertainment Projector
Acer H7550ST Exceptional Home Entertainment Projector
Delivers flicker free 3D Imaging, with 144Hz speed rate, 3000 Lumens High Brightness, with Hidden Wireless MHL Adapter and Display large image up to 100" in 1.5 meter distance
Price:  59,000  

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The Acer H7550ST is a powerful little short throw, single chip DLP home entertainment projector. Claiming 3,000 lumens, it is a pretty decent bright room projector, though it did not reach its claim. Before my new screen was installed, we had a bit of fun at my house with this projector, seeing how big we could get the image to be on the wall. We managed to fill the entire wall, and it was awesome. The projected image can reach 300 inches diagonally, but that’s theoretical, and would require a pitch-black room.

When I first began playing with the H7550ST, the screen I had installed was for a review of Elite Screen’s CineGrey 3D material, which rejects 65% of off-angle ambient light. As a short throw, the Acer H7550ST is not supposed to be compatible with that kind of screen technology. For the few days that these two reviews overlapped, I experimented with pairing the Acer and the CineGrey 3D screen. After a bit of fiddling with the placement of the projector and its settings, I managed to get a reasonably clear and color-rich picture, with no noticeable vignetting (when the room was darkened), despite the incompatibility of these two devices. That’s a win for the Acer.

Though not the brightest of all bright room projectors at this price point, 3,000 lumens is plenty for most living rooms, conference rooms or classrooms with a considerable amount of ambient light. I mentioned above that the projector fell short of that 3,000 lumen claim, but the brightness was sufficient for my living room, which has horizontal blinds that allow for extra light to bleed in around the perimeter of the window. I still found this projector was able to serve me as an “HDTV” during the day. Crisp, clear, and bright, this Acer can compete with other projectors at this price point.


Acer ColorSafe II

Color fidelity is maintained dynamically, keeping colors true and stable over time.



Helps the planet by saving energy, by not using hazardous substances, and by using recycled materials.


2D-3D Conversion

When you use this function with 3D glasses, 2D content becomes 3D, making movies and games more immersive.


Full HD

1920x1080 resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio makes movies more real and dramatic. Small details and text are clear.


Wireless Projection

Project content without bothersome cables. Say goodbye to cable clutter and manual connecting of devices.



Experience the most immersive entertainment there is – in your home! Use with 3D glasses to make visuals come alive.

Technical Specifications:

Native Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Maximum Resolution : 1920 x 1200
Standard Mode Brightness : 3000 lm
Native Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Compatible Aspect Ratio : 4:3
Contrast Ratio : 16,000:1
Throw Ratio : 0.69 to 0.76 (2540 mm@1500 mm)
Digital Zoom : 2x
Vertical Keystone Correction : -40°/+40°
Maximum Vertical Sync : 120 Hz
Maximum Horizontal Sync : 100 kHz
Minimum Vertical Sync : 24 Hz
Minimum Horizontal Sync : 15 kHz
Colour Support : 1.07 Billion Colors (30-bit)

Projection Lens
Lens Type : Manual Focus
Manual Zoom
Minimum Lens Aperture : F/2.6
Maximum Lens Aperture : F/2.78
Minimum Focal Length : 10.20 mm
Maximum Focal Length : 11.22 mm
Minimum Diagonal Image Size : 1371.60 mm
Maximum Diagonal Image Size : 7.62 m (300")
Minimum Projection Distance : 900 mm
Maximum Projection Distance : 4.60 m
Optical Zoom : 1.1x

Lamp Type : OSRAM
Number of Lamps : 1
Lamp Power : 210 W
Normal Mode Lamp Life : 4000 Hour
Economy Mode Lamp Life : 6000 Hour
ExtremeEco Mode Lamp Life : 8000 Hour

HDMI : Yes
Number of USB Ports : 3
USB : Yes
USB Connector Type : Type-A
Number of Composite Video Ports : 1
Composite Video : Yes
Number of S-Video Ports : 1
S-Video : Yes
Number of VGA Inputs : 2
VGA In : Yes
Number of VGA Outputs : 1
VGA Out : Yes
Number Of Audio Inputs : 1
Number Of Audio Outputs : 1
Audio Line In : Yes
Audio Line Out : Yes
Total Number of HDMI Ports : 3

Technical Information
Projection System : DLP
Projection Method : Ceiling, Front, Rear
Video Compatibility : EDTV, HDTV, NTSC, PAL, SDTV, SECAM
Computer Compatibility : Mac PC
Windows PC
3D Capacity : DLP 3D

Number of Speakers : 2
Speaker Output Power : 10 W
Speaker Output Mode : Stereo

Power Description
Power Supply : 100 V AC~240 V AC
Input Voltage : 120 V AC
230 V AC
Operating Power Consumption : 269 W
Operating Power Consumption 
(Eco Mode) : 210 W

Physical Characteristics
Fan Noise : 30 dB Approximate Economy Mode
33 dB Approximate Standard Mode
Temperature : 0°C to 40°C
Humidity : 80% Maximum Relative Humidity
Weight (Approximate) : 3.40 kg
Form Factor : Ceiling Mountable

Package Contents : H7550ST DLP Projector
Battery for Remote Control
Security Card
User's Guide (CD-ROM)
Quick Start Guide
Remote Control
VGA Cable
AC Power Cord
Carrying Case
3D Glasses
Optional Accessories : Carrying Case (MC.JKY11.003)
Lamp (MC.JKY11.001)