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Monday, 20 May 2024

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Alantek Cat5e 5ft. Patch Cord

Alantek Cat5e 5ft. Patch Cord
Alantek Cat5e 5ft. Patch Cord
Alantek Cat5e U/UTP Patch Cord are designed to assure high performance. The patch cables are composed of 4-pairs, 24 AWG Stranded. The patch cables are terminated in factory with 8P8C, 50u" gold plated RJ45 Plugs. The boots are molded onto the RJ45 plug to ensure better connection. All Patch Cords are 100% tested in factory to ensure Gigabit performance.
Price:  150  

Suitable for Gigabit application

  • TIA/EIA 568B.2
  • ISO 11801

  • Gigabit Performance
  • 24 AWG Stranded Solid Copper Conductors
  • Comes with Molded Strain Relief Boots
  • Comes in various colours
  • 100% Factory Terminated
  • 100% Factory Tested

Technical Specifications

RJ45 Plug : 8P8C, 50u" golded plated
Insulation Resistance 500m (min.)
Contact Resistance 20m (max.)
Current Rating 1.5 Amps
DC Resistance 0.1 (max.)
Withstanding Voltage 1000 VAX RMS @ 60Hz/1min
Cord Measurement : 5 ft.