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Friday, 30 October 2020

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Alcatroz Xplorer GO 300BT Bluetooth Keyboard

Alcatroz Xplorer GO 300BT Bluetooth Keyboard
Alcatroz Xplorer GO 300BT Bluetooth Keyboard
It’s a portable lightweight keyboard that you can bring along your travel trips to use it with your tablet or smartphone for work purposes. This allows user such as touch-typist to use all fingers to type to feel less tiring then using 2 fingers. Furthermore, using a physical keyboard frees up the tablet/smartphone screen since there is no need for a touchscreen keyboard.
Price:  895  

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The keyboard uses similar layout as a laptop keyboard. Low-profile quiet non-tactile keys. Each keys have UV coated symbols glued on its surface rather than having laser etched to it. This keyboard offers multimedia shortcut functionality, which can be accessed by pressing the Fn (Function Key) and with the highlighted blue symbols. This allows user to conveniently access multimedia shortcuts such as play/pause or skip to a different music track, modify the volume settings or mute and etc. To enter pairing mode, press and hold Function Key and C and the LED indicator will flash blue for 2 to 3 seconds and after that its is ready to pair.

The top right corner has an opening which you can insert 2 AAA batteries. The serial number of the product is located on the bottom as well. There are 4 rubberized mini-feet that prevents the keyboard from slipping.


  • Extremely durable, rated at up to 5 million keystrokes
  • 78 UV coated chiclet keycaps
  • Ultra-slim and portable

Technical Specifications

  • This Keyboard requires two AAA batteries(included in packaging)
  • Bluetooth V3.0
  • Standby time: About 120 days
  • Usage time: About 80 hours
  • Keyboard Dimension: 285 x 120 x 18mm