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Monday, 08 March 2021

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Canon CL-741 Color Original Ink Cartridge

Canon CL-741 Color Original Ink Cartridge
Canon CL-741 Color Original Ink Cartridge
FINE Ink Cartridge at 8ml capacity, Tri-color Ink for Pixma Model Printers (MG2170, MG2270, MG3170, MG3270, MG3570, MG3670, MG4170, MG4270, MX377, MX397, MX437, MX457, MX477, MX517, MX527, MX537)
Price:  1,145  

Product Description

Get the best out of your printer with the Canon CL-741 ink cartridge. Compatible with inkjet as well as all-in-one printers, this cartridge is designed to provide smooth and clean prints. It offers crisp and long-lasting prints that the last print will look as good as the first print.

Formulated using a powerful and revolutionary technology, this ink cartridge works in complete compliance with the printer’s print head for results that are matchless. This ink cartridge also ensures smudge-free prints.

The Canon tri-color ink cartridge offers clear, precise prints at high speed and accuracy. 
Get home this cartridge and equip your Canon printer with this complementing cartridge for crisp prints.


  • MG2170
  • MG2270
  • MG3170
  • MG3270
  • MG3570
  • MG3670
  • MG4170
  • MG4270
  • MX377
  • MX397
  • MX437
  • MX457
  • MX477
  • MX517
  • MX527
  • MX537