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Monday, 01 March 2021

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Canon CL-98 Color Ink Cartridge

Canon CL-98 Color Ink Cartridge
Canon CL-98 Color Ink Cartridge
Tri-color Ink Cartridge up to 15ml ink capacity for Canon Ink Efficients (E400, E410, E417, E460, E470, E477, E480, E4270)
Price:  835  

Product details of Canon CL-98 Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge

Say goodbye to more low-quality prints with smudges as your Canon printer deserves better. 
Get the original Canon CL 98 ink cartridge for top quality colored prints. 

This black Canon ink cartridge delivers exceptional quality even when you scan images or copy documents. This makes it a preferred choice for commercial establishments as well as residential premises. Also, it features a very compact sized body, which takes up minimum space for storage. With a long shelf life, the ink does not dry out even if you use it after a long time.


  • E500
  • E510
  • E600
  • E610