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Friday, 14 June 2024

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Deepcool Maelstrom 120 Liquid Cooling System

Deepcool Maelstrom 120 Liquid Cooling System
Deepcool Maelstrom 120 Liquid Cooling System
AIO Liquid Cooling System for Selected Intel and AMD Processors.
Price:  2,499  

The unique pump with closed impeller to offer a bigger power, de-vibration & lower   noise
Long lifetime zirconia ceramic bearing to make 120,000 hours running safely
0.2mm high-density water micro channel & copper block to offer a highly efficient thermal conduct
The strong FEP tubing owned anti-bending, flat crush resistance to assure the system’s stability
Φ120 mm×27mm Aluminum fins design optimized for a lower fan speed and noise, also the standard mounting holes built-in easy to change new 120mm fan
120mm rubber-covered PWM fan with de-vibration design, unique FDB bearing owned a lower noise & longer lifetime
Patented detachable fan impeller easy to clear dust& lubricating oil recruited, DIY top -priority mounting
Universal solution, easy to install
Bionic LED breathing light lightening up while operating 

Intel Socket 150W


High End Desktop i7
Core i7 Extreme/i7/i5/i3
Core 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo
Pentium/Pentium G
Celeron/Celeron G
AMD Socket 140W


APU A10/A8/A6/A4
FX 8/6/4-Core 
Phenom II X6/X4/X3/X2
Phenom X4/X3/X2
Athlon II X4/X3/X2
Athlon X4/X2
Business Class

Main system Dimensions70X85.6X31.5mm
Radiator Dimensions154X120X27mm
Radiator MaterialAluminum
Fan Dimensions120X120X25mm
Fan Speed600±200-2200±10%RPM
Fan Air Flow91.12CFM (MAX)
Fan Air Pressure3.71mmH2O(MAX)
Fan Life Expectancy100000 hours
Fan Noise Level17.6~39.3dB(A)
Fan Bearing TypeFDB(Fluid Dynamic Bearing)
Fan Connector4Pin
Fan Rated Voltage12VDC
Fan Rated Current0.24±10%A(MAX)
Fan Power Consumption2.88W
Pump Life Expectancy120000 hours
Pump Connector3Pin
Pump Operating Voltage6~24VDC
Pump Rated Voltage12VDC
Pump Speed2800±10%RPM
Pump Load Current0.3±10%A(MAX)
Pump Power Consumption3.6W