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Sunday, 25 February 2024

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Kanvus Office 54 Digitizer Tablet

Kanvus Office 54 Digitizer Tablet
Kanvus Office 54 Digitizer Tablet
Extravagant Office Kanvus Cover, Advance 512 Pressure Sensitivity Level, Maximum 5.5" x 4" Working Area, Efficient 100 Report Rate / Second, Accurately Pinpoint with 2000 LPI, Conveniently Maneuver with 28 Hotspots

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- Extravagant Office Kanvus Cover
- Advance 512 Pressure Sensitivity Level
- Maximum 5.5" x 4" Working Area
- Efficient 100 Report Rate / Second
- Accurately Pinpoint with 2000 LPI
- Conveniently Maneuver with 28 Hotspots
Power Presentations and Straightforward Directions with K-Notice

The combination of Kanvus and K-Notice supports handy features such as screen-capture across Windows Office platforms and spontaneous annotations during a power presentation.
Clear Notation with K-WordInk

Instead of placing different memos across one document, show your comments by clear handwritten notes on the document with K-WordInk.
Convenience with Hotspots and K-Command

Kanvus is simple and convenient with hotspots located around the tablet for easy navigation and K-Command for program execution with one swift motion.
Personalize with K-Signer and K-Mail

Along with Kanvus, you may customize for individual clients by sending personalized email with K-Mail and signature with K-Signer.
Bonus:Office Kanvus Cover

Technical Specifications

Technology Electromagnetic Digitizer
Active Area 5.5" x 4"
Dimension (L x W x H) 204 x 191 x 9.2 mm
Weight 318g
Resolution 2000 LPI
Report Rate 100 RPS
Pressure Sensitivity 512 Level
Reading Height 10 mm
Hotspots 28 Hotspots (Top: 9, Bottom: 9,Left: 5, Right: 5)
Power Consumption 0.35 W
Interface Support USB 1.1
Pen Specifications
Dimension 137.7 x 12 / 16.4(Φ) mm
Weight 9 grams (without battery)
Power Source 1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery x 1
Power Saving Mode Yes
Battery Durability Minimum 5000 Hours