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Saturday, 16 January 2021

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Orico 4 Port Car Charger (MPU-4S)

Orico 4 Port Car Charger (MPU-4S)
Orico 4 Port Car Charger (MPU-4S)
4 Port Car Charger 4x5V2.4A
Price:  999  

Item: ORICO 4 port  Desktop USB Car Charger 


Application:5V USB charging devices


Interface:5V0.1A-2.1A *4(MAX)



Plug and play: support

Function:car charging

Certification:CE, ROHS and FCC approval

Feature: 1) Universal USB charger with compact design, for travel or car use

2) Ready to charge mobile phones, iphone, ipad and other USB-powered devices

3) Short circuit protection(OCP), over load protection(OLP),over voltage protection(OVP),over heat protection(OHP) for use safely

4) CE, ROHS and FCC approval

5) Input: DC 12V  for all car use; Output:5V 0.1A-2.1A *4(MAX)