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Friday, 14 June 2024

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Orico 4 Port USB Travel Charging Adapter (DCX-4U)

Orico 4 Port USB Travel Charging Adapter (DCX-4U)
Orico 4 Port USB Travel Charging Adapter (DCX-4U)
4-Port USB Travel Charging Adapter 2x5V2.4A 2x5V1.5A
Price:  799  

Item: ORICO 4 port AC wall USB Charger
Material:High temperature high strength ABS engineering plastic
Color: white, black
USB output:5V 2x2.4A, 2x1.5A
Plug and play: support
Function:mobile charging
Certification: UL,3C,PSE,CE and FCC approval
Indicating light: blue LED power indicating light

1.Light and Compact size Design; Easy to carry and free your chargers; Replaces up to 4 charging bricks with a single Device to free up wall outlets
2.AC input: 100-240Vac, 0.8A, 50-60Hz,DC output: 5V     USB output: 2x2.4A, 2x1.5A
3.LED indicator for Power Status
4.Provides standard 5V ports,industry-high 5V / 4A total output among 4 ports;
5.Anti-fire ABS Material, built-in aluminum heat dissipation panels;
6.Highest Power rating at 40W / 7.8 Amps output, at least twice the power of any other four port charger.
7.Sophisticated circuit design with over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection. Charging will be automatically stop when battery is full.