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Tuesday, 18 June 2024

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Probox H8R2-SU3S2 8 Bay RAID HDD Enclosure

Probox H8R2-SU3S2 8 Bay RAID HDD Enclosure
Probox H8R2-SU3S2 8 Bay RAID HDD Enclosure
8 Bay RAID Enclosure up to 32TB HDD Capacity, HDD sleep mode is synchronized with the PC's power, Internal power supply, Users can install 2~8 HDDs depends on different RAID mode, Multi-function LED displays

Availability:  Phased Out

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10 Times Faster
The full-duplex data transfers capability allows the sending and receiving of data (at the same time) at 10 times faster than an equivalent card of USB 2.0 Standard. The maximum speed of USB 3.0 is 5Gbps, which enables the data transfer up to 25GB within a minute.

Supports 32 TB
Maximum addressable capacity 32TB via the USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 interfaces.


Sleeping mode in synchronization with PC's power.

HDD X 8 (Supported)
All 8 HDDs are recognized when they are installed.

Comes with auto / manual modes & 3 levels of speed for best convention.

Smart Fan functions:
Thermal-sensor built-in Auto & manual modes
3 levels of speed

Fan easy to install & dismantle
You can change the fan with another identical fan.

Modee RAID 50
File system NTFS
Hard Drive 8 HITACHI 3TB HDS723030ALA640 (64MB BUFFER, 7200rmp)

Raid Configurations

Spanning Mode

Spanning concatenates multiple hard drives as a single large volume; resulting in a seamless expansion of virtual volumes beyond the physical limitations of separately connected hard drives. The data are written frim HDD1 to HDD8.
RAID 0, JBOD Spanning Only, Non-Single JBOD

Striping Mode

Striping is a method of concatenating multiple hard drives into one logical storage unit. It is the automated process of writing data across multiple drives simultaneously. Striping is used to increase the performance of disk reads. The multiple hard drives will write data in “column” effect. If one drive in a striped set fails, all of the data in the stripe set is lost.


Distributed parity requires all drives but one to be present to operate; drive failure requires replacement, but the array is not destroyed by a single drive failure. Upon drive failure, any subsequent reads can be calculated from the distributed parity such that the drive failure is masked from the end user. The array will have data loss in the event of a second drive failure and is vulnerable until the data that was on the failed drive is rebuilt onto a replacement drive.


RAID 50 combines multiple RAID 5 arrays with RAID 0 Striping. RAID 50 offers highest level of redundancy and performance. RAID 50 can sustain one to four drive failures while maintaining data integrity if each failed disk is in a different RAID 5 array. In RAID 50 the total addressable volume is 2 times the smallest layer of RAID 5 array. RAID 50 requires at least 6 Hard drives.

RAID 1 + 0
RAID 1+0 is mirrored(Raid 1) sets in a striped(Raid 0) set .

Technical Specifications


8 - BAY 3.5" RAID Enclosure
RAID modes JBOD / RAID 0, 5, 10, 50
Interface USB 3.0 / e-SATA
Data Transfer Rate USB 3.0 up to 5.0 Gbps
e-SATA up to 3.0Gbps
Maximum HDD size 4 TB X 8
Multi-funtion LED displays 2-color LED for power or sleeping mode
Interfaec link LED display
Rebuild LED display
HDD error LED
RAID mode LED display
3 levels of speed
Manual / auto fan control
Fan Function
Smart fan function (FAN: 80mm x 80mm) X2
3.5" SATA I / II / III HDD *SATA III at 3.0 Gbps SATA II speed.
8HDDs with same capacity / model / brand strongly recommended
Operation Environment Temperature 0~60 ℃ Humidity 90% RH
Dimensions 155 (W) X 352 (H) X 253 (D) mm
Weight Net weight : 5 Kgs / Unit
System Requirements Windows Vista (32bit/64bit) / Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) / Windows 8
  (with MBR enabled, supports total capacity up to 2TB )
  Windows Vista (32bit/64bit) / Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) / Windows 8
  (with GPT enabled, supports total capacity more than 2TB)
  Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Power adapter AC 100~240V DC output: +12V/12A
Accessories Included e-SATA cable X1    
USB 3.0 cable X1  
Power cord X1  
HDD Handle X8  
Screw driver X1  
User manual (CD)X1