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Monday, 10 August 2020

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ADI-QnE Business Solution Basic

ADI-QnE Business Solution Basic
ADI-QnE Business Solution Basic
ADI-QnE Business Solution Basic is Fully Integrated real time financial business solution, Latest Business software with SQL client - server architecture. General Ledger + Cash Book + AR + AP + Sales + Purchasing + Inventory. For Single store Operation, Maximum of 2 users.

Availability:  Phased Out

Installment Promo! Easy Monthly Payments.

Pay only P 4,237 a Month for 12 months.

Or pay only P 8,025 a Month for 6 months.

  • Installment promo is available for locally issued credit cards
  • Card holder must transact inside an Asianic store to avail of the installment

Why QnE?

  • Specially design for all types of business
  • Price for small and middle markets
  • Quick to learn, Easy to use
  • Improve work efficiency as much as 80%
  • Flexible and user-friendly real-time system
  • Omitted entries can be easily entered
  • Modification of existing transactions is straightforward.
  • No month end closing
  • Powerful & better security control
  • Provide plenty of financial reports as well as reports for debtor and creditor
  • Scalable to multi-user networks
  • Easy to export data to Microsoft Excel, Text & HTML file for further analysis
  • No millennium bugs! (Year 2000 compliant)
  • 32-bit Windows Business Solutions
  • 100% Malaysian-made products. (Easy and able to do customization)


  • Full keyboard operation
    QnE was designed with fully keyboard operable, thus, users who are already familiar in keyboard operation (especially for the DOS user) can still use keyboard when using QnE. Furthermore, fully utilize the keyboard to operate the QnE will gain a faster speed compared to using a mouse.
  • Eliminate the hassle of month end
    QnE allows you to enter next month’s transaction without closing the current month’s account.
  • On-line help
    QnE provides a comprehensive and complete on-line help to guide users while they use QnE. Users can access the on-line help by pressing F1.
  • Multi-tasking
    To let the users complete their jobs as fast as possible, QnE allows users to work on multiple windows simultaneously.
  • Easy to correct data entry error
    When there are some amendments for a particular record, for example payment voucher, what the users need to do is go back to the payment voucher and do the amendment accordingly, even it is not the current month data. The system will update the relevant debit and credit transactions automatically.
  • Effective and fast inquiry
    QnE provides a fast stock/account inquiry screen for faster tracking the account/stock transaction status.
  • Handle post-dated checks
    QnE allows you to control post-dated checks, customer/creditor statement can be printed out with a listing of all the post dated checks received.
  • Password protection
    Every user in QnE should login with their username and password with the authorized access right.
  • Multi-level access control
    QnE uses multi-level access control to further control the user accessibility to each modulus of QnE. Different kind of users will be given different access right to use QnE, thus providing higher security control.
  • Unlimited accounting period
    User allows printing a profit and loss comparison report for the last 2 years with the current year.
  • User-friendly source document entry screen
    All the entry screens in QnE are designed as same as an actual entry document. Thus, users will be able to start using QnE immediately. Furthermore, users with no accounting knowledge still can use these user-friendly source document screen to enter their accounting data's, QnE does the entire accounting debit and credit job automatically.
  • Account budgeting capabilities to monitor performance
    QnE allows user to print comparison profit & Loss Statement with budget report.
  • Powerful report designer
    QnE built-in powerful report designer allows user to easily customize the forms/reports to fit well to their preprinted forms and fit their own needs, for example, Invoice, Delivery Order, Cash Sales, Debit Note, Credit Note, Receipt, Payment, Statement and others. |
  • All transactions can be entered easily (depends on the access right control)
    The entire entry screen in QnE is designed as a piece of paper; what’s the user need to do is just fill in the data accordingly. Furthermore, the system will do all the double entry automatically.
  • Truly real-time automated posting
    Once you have saved a transaction for example an sales invoice, QnE will do the posting automatically. Furthermore, user can print out the debtor statement with updated invoices.
  • Automated selling price and purchase price controls, reduce human errors and improve customer services
    The system will automatically retrieve the last selling/purchase price when a stock item is selected in the sales/purchase module.
  • Date sensitive report output; comparison usage for the financial report
    You can print a comparison profit & Loss statement first quarter with 2nd quarter, last week with this week, yesterday with today etc.
  • Powerful search engine
    You can search all the details of a customer for example: customer name, phone number, contacts person, fax, current balance, area, salesman etc.
  • Daily bank reconciliation
    The system allows you to do daily bank reconciliation, the system captures the cleared date for the bank reconciliation instead of month.
  • Multi currency control
    QnE can calculate the forex gain or loss automatically.
  • Extensive Drill Down /Zoom in facility
  • Imaging support
  • Support data exporting to multiple file, eg. Excel, Word, Html, JPG, BITMAP etc.
  • Credit limit control
  • Support 6 costing method: Fixed, FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average, Last Purchase Price & FIFO with future cost.
  • Price history by customer, supplier and item to enhance negotiation power
  • Selling price lower than cost indication
  • Provide sales analysis by item, customer categories, area, etc to pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of business
  • Multiple D/O (Delivery Order) to One Invoice
  • Multiple UOM (Unit Of Measurement)
  • One Sales Order to Multiple Delivery Order
  • Stock Status Assistance
  • Landing Cost
  • Multi Location control
  • Data can be easily imported and exported in between branches and head office

Module Highlights:

General Ledger Debtor Stocks
-Chart of Account
-Receipts Vouchers
-Payment Vouchers
-Journal Entries
-Bank Reconciliation
-Budget Maintenance
-Asset & Depreciation Maintenance
-Opening Maintenance
-Customer Accounts
-Debtor Categories
-Debtor Areas
-Invoice Entries
-Receive Payments
-Credit Note Entries
-Debit Notes Entries
-Debtor Opening Balance
-Transactions Knock-Off
-Finance Charges
-Stock Items
-Service Items
-Stock Categories
-Stock Groups
-Stock Classes
-Stock Locations
-Stock Adjustment
-Stock Assembly
-Stock Issues
-Stock Issues Returns
-Finished Goods Produced
-Production Rates
Purchases Security Multi-Branches
-Purchase Requisitions
-Purchase Orders
-Goods Received
-Purchase Invoices
-Purchase Returns
-System Options
-Change Password
-User Maintenance
-Term Maintenance
-Change Code
-Backup/Restore Database
-Multi Location
-Multi Unit of Measurements
-Multi Delivery Order to One Invoice
-One Sales Order to Multiple Delivery Order
Creditor Sales Others
-Supplier Accounts
-Supplier Categories
-Bills Entries
-Pay Bills
-Creditor Credit Notes
-Creditor Debit Notes
-Creditor Opening Balance
-Bills Knock-Off
-Sales Orders/Contracts
-Delivery Orders
-Debit Notes
-Credit Notes
-Cash Sales
-New/Open/Close Company
-Company Profile
-Custom SQL
-Scan Database
-Database Validation
-Import Data from XML
-Export Data to XML
-Project Maintenance

Comparison Chart:

Features Basic
Enterprise 180 Premiere
General Ledger


√ √ √ √ √
Account Receivables


√ √ √ √ √
Account Payable


√ √ √ √ √
Reset Monthly No.


√ √ √ √ √
Report Writer (Business Doc)


√ √ √ √ √


√ √ √ √ √
Sales √ √ √ √ √
Customer Sales History √ √ √ √ √
Purchases √ √ √ √ √
Supplier Purchases History √ √ √ √ √
Stock √ √ √ √
Multi Project √ √ √ √ √
Multi-Currency √ √ √ √ √
Multi Company √ √ √ √ √
Credit Limit Control Checking √ √ √ √
Terms Control Checking √ √ √ √
User Defined Fields √ √ √ √
Multi Location √ √ √
Stock Transfer √ √ √
Report Writer
(All Report)
√ √
Partial Delivery √ √
Price Group √ √
Stock Bundling √ √
Stock Assembly √ √
Packing UOM √ √
Negative Stock Level Checking √ √
Re-order Level Checking √ √
Cost Secret Code √ √
Customer Item Code √ √
Supplier Item Code √ √
Substitute Item √ √
Serial Number √ √
Bill of Material √ √
Import & Export √ √
Additional Credit Limit √ √
Cost Center √
Landing Cost √
Batch No./Lot No. √
Price Book √
Discount Book √
Price Tag √
Production Batch Control √
Multi-Level Purchases Requisitions Control √
Accrual Stock Receive Posting √
Withholding Tax Module √
User Default Forms Printing √