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Monday, 29 May 2023

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Romoss USB Portable Light (LXS-001)

Romoss USB Portable Light (LXS-001)
Romoss USB Portable Light (LXS-001)
This USB LED light has high illuminance, meanwhile it is energy saving. It don't need the AC adapter and battery, only connect the USB port of lamp with PC, then you can get the light. When plugged into the USB port, lit by the brightness of 100 percent immediately, and PC operation in dimly lit places, is also recommended as a reading lamp. Protable, high illuminance, easy to use, it is worth for you to have it.
Price:  28  

Portable and easy to use
Plugs into any USB port ( PC, mobile power bank and etc )
Lambency lamp shade, protect eyesight
Arbitrary bending, fit a variety of usage scenariors
Adjustable the angle when not excessive bending light body
Working long hours don't direct contaot with the back of the sheet metal
LED with light as the overall design, sealed
Great for the notebook traveler
Power: USB DV 5V
Light source: 1.2W

Mini Bright LED light
Can rotate 360°, flexible control light direction
Power by USB port
Plug and Play
Lightweight and portable
Easy to use
Dimension: 170 x 18 x 9mm (approx.)
Weight: 18g


Package Content:
1 x USB Portable Light (LXS-001)