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Friday, 21 June 2024

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Symbol Omni Directional 1D-9208 Barcode Scanner

Symbol Omni Directional 1D-9208 Barcode Scanner
Symbol Omni Directional 1D-9208 Barcode Scanner
The new Symbol 1D9208 on-counter presentation scanner is your ideal solution for retail, logistics and warehousing customers. The handy scanner delivers unbeatable 1D scanning performance with best-in-class speed and accuracy.
Price:  15,990  

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Easy to use, deploy and maintain, the 1D9208 omnidirectional presentation scanner delivers a high value choice for seamless integration of advanced data capture into your point-of-sale (POS) environment - at an affordable price. Designed to speed the checkout process for customers while improving sales tracking and inventory management, the 1D9208 offers high quality performance that enables your POS employees to work faster and more accurately.

The 1D9208 helps you lower costs by eliminating the errors inherent with manual, paper-based sales and inventory tracking. You increase profitability by reducing pricing mistakes, minimizing shrinkage and providing better visibility into fundamental business processes. Because the 1D9208 can also be picked up and triggered like a handheld your employees are able to quickly switch between hands-free and handheld mode to scan bar codes easily, maximizing productivity. You also help reduce injuries, because your employees and customers don't need to lift or maneuver heavy items for scanning.

The 1D9208 is available in kits, paired with the appropriate cable (and power supply where needed) so that you can simply plug in the device to get started. Any parameter customization can be completed quickly and easily via 123Scan2 , Motorola's Windows based scanner management utility. Designed with multiple on-board interfaces, the 1D9208 provides easy and inexpensive migration to a new host interface (e.g. RS-232 to USB) simply by changing the interface cable.

This easy-to-use scanner allows your employees to work more effectively with customers, no matter how long they've been on the job. Faster checkout, gives workers more time to assist customers. The small footprint leaves plenty of space at the register for "impulse purchase" displays to encourage additional sales. And, with the capability to more accurately track customer behavior, inventory management is improved, ensuring that the right product is stocked at the right time to protect against lost sales.

Maybe your retail store has a trendy decor. Or maybe your counter space is extremely limited. The 1D9208 sports a new sleek contemporary design that is at home in either environment. And with the most compact footprint in this class, the 1D9208 can fit in the most space constrained areas - from the POS in a boutique to the ticket window at a train station.

The 1D9208 not only helps you make money, it helps you save money. The device is so intuitive that training - and training-related costs - are virtually eliminated. Right out of the box, the 1D9208 can read all common 1D bar codes. Optional integrated Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) functionality eliminates the need to purchase and manage a standalone EAS system.
Simplify and reduce the cost of managing your 1D9208 scanners with 123Scan2. And with our unique support program, Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support, you can count on next-business-day device replacement - no questions asked - providing the uptime you need to keep business running smoothly.

New small footprint
Most compact device in its class, fits in the most space constrained areas, yet offers flexibility of a much larger scanner - the large high mounted exit window enables scanning of even taller items

New sleek design
Perfect in the most design conscious environments

Handheld and hands-free modes
Dual mode functionality saves time; keeps lines moving and minimizes wait times; eliminates the need to lift heavy items, reducing the opportunity for injury

Picklist mode
Select and scan a single bar code from a bar code menu or “picklist” — ideal for items that are too small for bar code labels such as nuts and bolts in a hardware store to tiny cosmetic brushes

Industry-first spherical exit window
Improves scanning performance by minimizing stray light and reducing reflections to the imaging sensor

Dual LEDs plus programmable beeper volume, frequency and duration
Protects productivity in noisy environments, such as theaters, airports and restaurants by providing both visual and audible confirmation of successful scans; convenient side trigger allows users to adjust beeper volume on-the fly

Omnidirectional scanning
Eliminates the need to align bar code and scanner

Lightweight ergonomic ‘sure grip’ design
A secure grip helps prevent drops when utilized in handheld mode

Supports all common interfaces
Easy integration with your existing technology environment; easily migrate to new hosts

5 ft./1.5 m drop spec and recessed exit window
Increased durability: can endure drops; prevents nicks and scratches on the exit window that could degrade performance

Integrated EAS support (optional)
Eliminates the need to purchase and maintain an additional system at the register; simplifies the checkout processes; eliminates missed tags, erroneous alarms and embarrassed customers

Integrated adjustable stand
Eliminates the need to purchase and manage separate accessories

Compatible with 123Scan2 and Remote Scanner Management (RSM)
Reduces management time and cost, from initial configuration to day-to-day management