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Monday, 04 March 2024

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Vertiv Liebert PEX+ Cooling System

Vertiv Liebert PEX+ Cooling System
Vertiv Liebert PEX+ Cooling System
The Liebert® PEX+ is designed as a modular-type room-based precision cooling system for IT critical equipment that requires high level of sensible heat elimination, precise temperature and humidity control. It is available in both air-cooled (20 - 100kW) and chilled water (30 - 210kW) configurations to cover a wide range of room applications.
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  • Energy saving
  • High sensible heat ratio and high energy efficiency
  • Equipped with Copeland Scroll™ Compressors
  • Provides stable temperature and humidity condition
  • Fans for outdoor units feature easy to access full range speed regulation
  • Manageable and uniqe Eco-Mode option
  • Energy saving component options
  • V-shaped evaporator**
  • Group control function offered for units of the same model**
  • Space Saving
  • Small footprint – 100% front door access 

Technical Specifications
  • With ultra-high efficiency, reliability, flexibility and low cost whole life
  • Modular design, optimized airflow inside the cabinet, easy dismantling and easy handling
  • Removable handling structure, 100% positive maintenance, saving room floor space
  • Copeland Scroll™ efficient scroll compressor for refrigerants
  • Ultra-efficient EC fan, adjustable air volume depending on the room load
  • Large modular V-type evaporator, the dispenser nozzle and sophisticated design to ensure energy saving
  • Unique efficient far-infrared humidification system, wetting speed, adapt to poor water quality, low maintenance
  • Full Chinese LCD graphic display, the powerful joint control and communication functions
  • Speed ​​air-cooled condenser, low noise
  • Electronic water flow adjusting means, precisely regulated to ensure optimal operation unit
  • R485 comes standard monitoring interface, which provides a variety of monitoring methods
  • Networking multiple units, the use of energy-efficient management and joint control, optimal energy efficiency